5 Tips to Prevent Herpes Outbreaks


girl with herpesAs we talked before in the article, a huge number of people are living with herpes. Infection with the herpes simplex virus, commonly known as herpes, can be due to herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) or herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2). HSV-1 can causes sores on the mouth, lips, and nose. Blister often appears and then scab, which is very painful and ugly. HSV-2, also know as genital herpes can cause blisters and sores in the genitals area and can be transferred to sexual partner through the skin to skin touch. Each type of herpes is uncomfortable and hard to tell the feeling.

Most of the people living with herpes experienced the suffering outbreak period from the stigma of the disease. The period time of the outbreak is different from people’s condition. Some people may get an outbreak every three months while some may have an outbreak every year even longer. It’s a problem which people living with herpes and doctors concerned about. Till 2015, there is still no available treatment to cure herpes completely and efficiently. How to mitigate the stigma of herpes and reduce the outbreak period become more urgent. We listed 5 useful tips to prevent herpes outbreaks through gathering users’ medical treatment from herpes blogs/forums and experts’ research online.

1. Ask you doctor and take medicine as told. The condition detail will be a little different from different people. People with herpes should ask for specific medical help from the doctor based on your condition. Then take medical treatment positively.

2. Cut down pressure on Herpes. Besides the unpleasantness of the disease from herpes, the feeling for the virus is also very important. As we investigated, most of the people with herpes have the worry to tell others about the disease, especially to their potential partners. The blisters and sores on the lips and face make them more stressful. Such kinds of pressure should be controlled.

3. Always keep your body and underwear clean.

4. Keep a healthy lifestyle by doing sports and getting enough sleep and rest. This could help reduce your pressure and keep your body in a good situation.

5. Keep the immune system strong by eating the proper foods. Fruits, vegetables, and other fresh foods will be good choices. You could also take some vitamins if needed. All these can prevent the body from being susceptible to breakouts.

Living with herpes is not an easy thing to accept and handle with. But it’s not the end of our social life. According to our research, people with herpes could control herpes outbreak and conditions at ease. This little thing couldn’t define a person and we could make our life better. We just need to cut down stress, take treatment positively and keep a healthy lifestyle.  The risk of transmission to your sexual partner could be reduced as well. Tomorrow will be another day and take it easy.

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