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According to a report by the World Health Organization, two-thirds of people under the age of 50 have HSV-1. It means that almost 3.7 billion people suffering from a virus which couldn’t be cured currently. Living with herpes is not easy. We know how hard it could be. Most of the people with herpes felt shameful and anxiety at first after knowing their status. What’s worse, it’s difficult to talk with others about their condition afraid of being discriminated and rejected.

It will make herpes people feel better if they could chat with someone who could understand how they feel or with the same condition. But how to find such kinds of people? Where to find? Is this place safe and private? Based on these concerns, we created genitalherpesdating.com, a safe, private and comfortable place to bring people with herpes together. This site has been built for people living with herpes(hsv-1, hsv-2) only, where they could chat with someone in the same condition, share experience, find friendship even date and love.

We designed and adopted many unique features which have been designed for herpes people only. We would like to list most popular features for you:

1. Live STD Counselor and Dating Advisor;
2. Advanced Search Settings, eg, types of STDs, keywords, distance etc;
3. Private Photo Album;
4. STD Q & A;
5. STD Dating and Safety Tips;
6. Account Manager;
7. The largest Herpes Forums/Blogs;
8. Real Inspirational STD Stories;
9. Real Treatment Stories;
10. 24/7 Phone & Live Customer Service Support.
And much more for you to discover.

A deep understanding of people living with genital herpes and their needs and wants is at the heart of genitalherpesdating‘s business model; this is why the site has become extremely popular and indexed by many popular herpes sites.

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